• Embracing Feminine Wellness: The Benefits of Yoga

    Embracing Feminine Wellness: The Benefits of Yoga
    Through the practice of yoga, we can tap into the incredible power of our minds and spirits, find a sense of connection and wholeness that is truly transformative. It also provides numerous physical benefits for women, including relief from menstrual cramps, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding mothers and reduced symptoms of menopause. The practice can also help us build strength, flexibility, and balance, while enhancing our...
  • Pause, Reflect and Trust Your Process

    Pause, Reflect and Trust Your Process
    Do you ever find yourself holding back from exploring new experiences and trying new things? Or do you ever feel the nagging voice of self-doubt and fear that keeps you from taking that yoga class or signing up for that poetry course? It's easy to get caught up in the rhythm of our daily lives and oftentimes we forget to make space for new...
  • Mindfulness practice through meditation

    Mindfulness practice through meditation
    Taking the time to slow down helps you quiet the mind, and you will start to hear what your soul has to say. It will guide you in the direction of a life where you are healthy and truly happy. You could start by doing some exercise, spend some time in the nature, doing yoga or doing meditation. We've curated a couple of guided meditation...
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