• 40-min yoga practices for a jam-packed day

    40-min yoga practices for a jam-packed day
    If you are just recently into yoga or you have a jam-packed schedule but still want to have yoga as a part of your routine, you don't have to force yourself doing an hour or more yoga practice. Sometimes doing the doable task is all you need. And that is ok.  "If you’re efficient at what you do, 40 minutes is more than enough."...
  • Setting Personal Boundaries

    Setting Personal Boundaries
    Setting boundaries doesn't make you selfish. Setting boundaries is what we need to do to respect and honour our well being and the people that we love.  "It was my responsibility to put boundaries in place and say no. It was my fault that I never did." 
  • Lifelong Yoga Practices

    Lifelong Yoga Practices
    Learning about yoga is in itself a lifelong journey, and there’s always something new to be picked up. There is no doubt that yoga changes people's life but what we don't realise, we can also take what we learn in life to our practice.
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