"But the main thing is that greatness is doable. Greatness is many, many individual feats, and each of them is doable." Angela Duckworth

If you are just recently into yoga or you have a jam-packed schedule but still want to have yoga as a part of your routine, you don't have to force yourself doing an hour or more yoga practice. Sometimes doing the doable task is all you need. And that is ok.

"If you’re efficient at what you do, 40 minutes is more than enough." - Noam Tamir

We've curated a few 40-minute yoga practices by Meghan Currie that you can follow from your own home or wherever you decide to place your mat that day.

Her unique Breath Flow Movement is a breath-centered strong, creative, slow flow style but well-known for its spiciness that will leave your whole body humming through and after the class.

Vinyasa Flow: Morning Glow Hips

Spiciness: Moderate

Perfect for: A morning session before you start your day

What to expect during practice: Aligning your mind and heart through a deep process of inquiring more deeply into what lights us up

What to expect after practice: Get clarity, feel connected with yourself, and ready to start the day

Strong Yoga Flow: Heart Opening 

Spiciness: Moderate

Perfect for: Evoking back body awareness and strength that will create a strong foundation towards backbends journey

What to expect during practice: Through the emphasis on breath awareness, you will feel a sense of balance between a fluid meditative state while feeling the burn and toning the body.

What to expect after practice: Deeper connection with your posture, feeling supported and strong. This practice will leave your body humming

Vinyasa Flow: Powerful Wheel

Spiciness: Extra hot

Perfect for: Taking your wheel pose and its variations to the next level.

What to expect during practice: A discovery practice that will take you to your threshold and inspire you to stretch it our of your comfort zone. Expect to feel an internal or physical growth as you comb through the zone of discomfort

What to expect after practice: You will feel inspired to reflect this practice off the mat, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.


Which practice would you like to try today? If you love Meghan's classes, go checkout her Online Studio where you can also find other type of classes depending on how your body feels.

See you on the mat!

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