When was the last time you say no but you wished you could've said no? Or when was the last time you say yes to something that you genuinely want to say yes to?

Did you know that boundaries are there to let us know when something has gone too far? Did you also know that a lot of people still don't realize they have option to set a boundary?

If setting boundaries is not something that came naturally for you, it is never too late to getting to know yourself deeper. Understand what are personal boundaries for you; what do they mean. Be aware of what your body is telling you about your your limits. Define what you like and dislike; which activities you want to participate and not; what energy you want to receive and give.

"If we can observe when our feelings of discomfort rise up from having our boundaries crossed, then we can learn to listen and respond instead of reacting. This helps us to share our feelings in a gentle way, rather than blowing up in the moment." Isabelle Moon Founder, Meghan Currie, shared a few tips and essential steps on how set our personal boundaries comfortably.


Sometimes we don't aware that we are the one who let people around us stepping inside our boundaries. Most times we don't know that we have a choice to say no. Most times we don't grasp that our yes can lead to burn out and drain us to the very last energy that we have.

Yasmine Cheyenne comparing her kitchen as an energetic interpretation of her life. Just like a normal kitchen that have a sugar jar, she used the jar to represent boundaries and the sugar as her energy, time and resources. The jar represent the boundaries, including the lid!

She mentioned "It was my responsibility to put boundaries in place and say no. It was my fault that I never did." - Yasmine Cheyenne

She also stated the importance of boundaries for the people that you love. "You want to have meaningful conversations and experiences that are easy and feel joyful. But when you enter your kitchen and look into your sugar jar and realize it’s empty, you also recognize that you don’t have enough energy to spend time with the people or commitments that matter most to you."

In the video, we can learn that:

  1. we are responsible for people who have access to us

  2. we have the power to reclaim our boundaries

  3. boundaries are there to ensure that we can always give more to people while making sure there are things left to give

When we are setting healthy boundaries, we need to keep in mind that we do so from a place of compassion, fairness and balance. And when we see that our personal boundary has made the people around us disappointed, or even angry, we should never guilting or shaming ourselves. Instead, we should approach that with empathy. You can acknowledge that person's emotional response and exercise love and care toward them while still staying firm on your boundary.

Setting personal boundaries is a part of self-care. It is a part of how you treat yourself. Setting boundaries doesn't make you selfish. Setting boundaries is what we need to do to respect and honour our well being and the people that we love.

So, Sweet Humans, how's your boundary setting journey? Let us know in the comment below and learn together!

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