• #fromWomenToWomen: Finding Acceptance with Mimi Frieser

    #fromWomenToWomen: Finding Acceptance with Mimi Frieser
    We’re meeting more and more of you through our #FromWomenToWomen! This time around, we had an in-depth discussion with Mimi Frieser, a facilitator of yoga retreats hailing from Germany. One thing that’s been weighing on Mimi’s mind lately is how we often think we’re alone with our worries, and self-doubts, and inner demons, while in reality she feels that it’s the opposite. Mimi spoke...
  • Making Sense of Dreams

    Making Sense of Dreams
    Have you ever had a lucid dream? That rare moment of realization that you’re in complete control of your dreamscape while you’re asleep. Aren’t they just incredible? Isabelle Moon feels like a lucid daydream that squeezed its way into reality. A manifestation of wishes, because I wanted something more in every way. From conception to creation, I wanted a brand that could offer you...
  • Meet Angela Perez - Tantra Yoga Teacher

    Meet Angela Perez - Tantra Yoga Teacher
    Born in Spain, Angela has an undoubtedly joyful, fire energy that pierces the whole room, creating a lively environment. " You trust it if you are quiet enough to listen to it. It always guides you towards whatever you need to experience.” “The Tantra tradition is very old and wide. Tantra is all about “relating” and how we relate."
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