• Finding Cosiness

    Finding Cosiness
    Hi Sweet Humans, In my last newsletter, I mentioned that the key to focus in yoga practice is to be as comfortable as you can be. It’s important to remove all the possible distractions that may hinder your practice. Get cosy! Cosiness is that warmth and comfy feeling that tingles somewhere in our body. It’s always there somewhere for us to find. Recently I...
  • Breathing is key

    Breathing is key
    Hi Sweet Humans, In previous newsletter, I mentioned how important breathing is.  I learned about the art of breathing from my yoga practice. Breathing is the key that allows energy flow in our body. Every inhale and exhale helps us connect to our mind. Deep breath gives strength and allows us to execute each movement better. It took me quite a while to become aware...
  • How to slow down

    How to slow down
    Hi Sweet Humans, As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, slowing down has been one of the most delicious and transformative parts of my personal practice on and off the mat.   I know you might be afraid that slowing down will hold you back from getting things done or stopping you from your ambitious goals. But honestly, it actually made my work and life...
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