Borne of a full moon, she was pure ethereal grace. Her delightful essence, nourished by a deep connection to sky and earth, irrevocably touches the soul of every being she encounters. 

Isabelle Moon is the lovechild of Meghan Currie and her deep passion for nature, textures and creation.

At the age of twelve, Meghan discovered her mother’s sewing machine and quickly became obsessed with fabric and garments. Having conversations with the delicate device, she was taught perseverance and patience. Stitch by stitch she mended the patches of her own heart.

Meghan Currie yoga by the beach, side plank split pose, wearing Isabelle Moon Organic Yogawear

In the skill and process of sewing seemingly lay all the complexities of human existence

Years of dedicated practice led to elaborate and unique items that eventually caught the eyes of others. While she initially kept her creations to herself, the inherent ambition to bring her designs to life started to sprout, simply waiting for the right dosage of sunlight and rain.

Channelling the lessons that life gave her, Meghan infused each piece with her own, distilled expression

Like a mystical, magical whim of the universe, things aligned and unfolded effortlessly when Meghan moved to Bali. In cooperation with a network of thoughtfully selected artisans, she refined her designs, developing an exquisite line of eco-friendly women’s wear.

Isabelle Moon was created from the desire to unleash the wild sensuality, playfulness and whimsicality inherent in women


Inspired by the female silhouette, the rawness of nature, and a yogic lifestyle, the purpose of our clothes is to make you feel delicious. We exclusively use eco-friendly materials that are naturally dyed, incredibly comfortable, highly functional, and made to bring out your innate beauty and sensuality.

Meghan Currie Yoga doing natural dye on Isabelle Moon Organic Yogawear

Our partners are family-owned, local Indonesian artisans.

Just like us, our suppliers put their heart and soul into the manufacturing process, utilizing only the most natural ingredients. In order to create the dye, leaves are shredded and cooked in boiling water. Tarum leaf for indigo, Secand wood for red and Mango leaf for yellow – turning into a pure, magical potion, that tinges the fabric in gorgeous, earthy tones.

Just like the dye, all patterns are created by hand, making every piece a true work of art. 

Brought to life by a local tailor, the final product is a result of several slow and careful steps, driven by a deep respect for nature and all beings.

Our products are alive, gentle to sensitive skin and intended to move, flow and breathe with you.

Each Isabelle Moon item is carefully handcrafted in Bali in alignment with earth- loving values. Celebrating the artistry of movement, the elegance of nature and the beauty of the human form and expression; Isabelle Moon garments balance performance, play, comfort and class.





This is the story of Isabelle Moon, how the name came to be... 

One night I was pulled from my slumber by a light so strong I thought it must be daybreak. Upon opening my eyes the most dazzling, bright moonlight danced about my room, a light so close, so intense, I felt its reach deep within me. The moons silvery shine was so potently soft, yet its intention was powerful and clear, beaming directly into my being.

Enrapt with wonder I rose from my bed as if pulled by the light, the air felt thick with the auspicious presence contained within such a  powerful glow. I had the sudden urge to write. I reached for my journal and opened to a fresh page, smoothing the paper beneath my palm, the empty surface of the page reflected the moons bright light. The empty page contained the nothingness of pure possibility.

I began with a Naming Exercise; What was your name yesterday? What is your name today? What is your real name? What will your name be tomorrow? The rules of this exercise invite you to write the first name that comes, no editing allowed. I moved through the exercise with ease until I arrived at the question, “What is your real name?”. At this moment I heard an audible whisper, “Isabelle Moon”.

I thought, “That’s silly…” and hesitated to write it down. I asked again and again and in the silence all I could hear was the moons whisper, “Isabelle Moon”. I remembered the rules of the game; write down the first name that comes, and so I wrote my real name down. 

When I awoke next it was the suns light that stirred me from my sleep. Beside me, my journal lay open turned to the page with the Naming Exercise and there it was, my real name, Isabelle Moon, staring back at me in my own handwriting. My skin crawled with the remembrance of the shimmering moonlight, the gift of her silvery glow written here on the smooth paper of my journal… it was no dream. I stared at my name and was struck with a realization, this name, when pulled apart, spelt out clearly, ’It’s a beautiful moon… Is a belle moon’. 

On this night I was gifted the essence of beauty and grace, a glimpse of a magical, whimsical, feminine being. I had been searching for a name for my clothing line and in that moment there was no question… Isabelle Moon was born.

For me, Isabelle Moon is so much more than a name… she is fearless, sensual and graceful. She is loving and flawed. Isabelle Moon is soft, sexy, spontaneous and playful.

Isabelle Moon expresses and embodies the majesty I see in all women.


Meghan Currie

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