Dear Wonderful Humans,

Did you know that you can check what material goes into making each and everyone of our pieces through the ‘Materials’ tab on every product page?

Yep! We even have information on why we chose said materials. We’re far from perfect, but we’re trying to make sure that Isabelle Moon feels delicious on your body and on your conscience. We’re firm believers of sustainable and ethical fashion, and using natural processes to dye our fabrics.

We’ve spoken previously about cost-free ways of building a sustainable wardrobe, today we want to speak about fabrics you can keep a lookout for when you’re planning future purchases. We’re speaking from personal experience, as these are fabrics we’ve incorporated into Isabelle Moon’s collection in our efforts to offer you organic activewear that feel amazing on your skin and is amazing for the environment too!


We introduced Isabelle Moon’s newest sustainable fabric BFF last year. It’s a completely biodegradable semi-synthetic fabric that soft, more resistant to breakage, and super absorbent. We previously spoke more about its manufacturing process during our initial launch. Read on to find out more.

Find it on: Second Skin Bodysuit in Plumeria Petal, Flower Bloom Bodysuit in Golden Honey, Snug Hug Top in Sweet Jungle, and more.

Second Skin Bodysuit in Plumeria Petal

Bodysuit that feels like second skin

Flower Bloom Bodysuit in Golden Honey

Yogawear with full support.

Snug Hug Top in Sweet Jungle

Wrapped top yogawear


This lightweight and biodegradable natural fabric is known for its antibacterial properties. It’s made from cellulose and wood pulp taken from eucalyptus, oak, and birch trees which are far less water intensive during its growth when compared to cotton. Which is pretty cool.

Find it on: Sweet Mist Sweater in Cinnamon Smoke, Dew Blossom Mini Romper in Raven Sky, Sea Breeze Kimono in Olive Ash, and more.

Sweet Mist Sweater in Cinnamon Smoke

Sustainable cover up post yoga class

Dew Blossom Mini Romper in Raven Sky

Sustainable mini romper

Sea Breeze Kimono in Olive Ash

Sustainable and airy cover up post yoga class


An Isabelle Moon favorite, this environmentally friendly fabric is amazing on the skin and the environment. Organic bamboo is grown without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. It takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses as an equivalent amount of timber trees and releases 35% more oxygen.

Find it on: Moonlit Shorts in Phosphorescence, Enchanted Leggings in Electric Rose, Miss Daydream Bra in Rose Moon, and more.

Moonlit Shorts in Phosphorescence

yoga bottoms that won't roll down on the waist

Enchanted Leggings in Electric Rose

Sustainable and organic yoga pants that are naturally dyed

Miss Daydream Bra in Rose Moon

strappy cris cros back yoga top that is not restricting


Often called the ‘golden fiber’. Jute is biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. Talk about awesome! It’s one of the few natural fibers that actually provides environmental benefits, as Jute production returns nutrients to the soil and helps retain soil moisture.

Find it on: Honey Jute Boots and Bare Beauty Wedges.

Honey Jute Boots

ethically made boots made of jutes

Bare Beauty Wedges

ethically made wedges shoes with jutes

This is not a full list of our materials and the items that they’re used on. Think of it as a sneak peek of all the wonderful things we have in store for you. Our products page has detailed info to get you comfortable with your picks. From material information, sizing details, care instructions, to production details.

You can browse through our products to learn more about what goes into each individual piece or you can send us your questions directly. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have!

Do you have a favorite Isabelle Moon piece yet?


Working hard to love the environment,

Isabelle Moon - Sustainable yoga clothing brand

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