Dear Happy Souls,

As much as humans have roughly the same shape, our bodies are unique and special. We have specific needs and preferences, things that we know looks good on us and things that may need a little tweaking.

Our lines and curves don’t come from a factory, and it can be tricky figuring out clothes, and finding the right fit is especially important when it comes to activewear.

Unlike our everyday clothes, we look for extra comfort and support when we think about the outfits we choose to work out in. Check out this easy guide to Isabelle moon’s collection of sustainable bodysuits, and see which organic activewear suits you best!

Pure Grace – Slinky elegance that oozes femininity.

Suited for: Someone who likes quiet reading time in a cozy park. A sensitive soul who likes to observe the world and sends gentle little smiles to everyone they interact with.

Get it if your body needs: A little more warmth. The longer sleeve gives you extra cuddles on a colder day, while still being breathable and light to work out in.

Style it off the mat: A full skirt that swishes or shorts that flare out bring out the flirty side of Pure Grace Bodysuit. Check out Honey Jute Boots to incorporate more of nature in your look.


Black bodysuit Sustainable activewear for yoga and dance


Flower Bloom – A pure heart brimming with affection.

Suited for: A blossoming soul ready to say hello. A happy-go-lucky darling that’s working on finding the confidence to conquer the world. A loyal bestie always ready to go the extra mile.

Get it if your body needs: Feel good vibes and more coverage that hug you just right. The ruched bodice is a fun detail that gives you added support for your movement and for your confidence.

Style it off the mat: Sneakers turns up the fun volume. Style Flower Bloom lightly to bring a spring in your step. Check out Sweet Mist Sweater in Moon Dust to add a little swish to your day.

Black bodysuit Sustainable yoga activewear with breathable fabric

Tangled Kiss – Embracing the world enthusiastically

Suited for: A fun-loving, curious adventurer that’s seeking experiences. A social butterfly happily basking in the beauty of every interaction. The life of the party every time.

Get it if your body needs: Freedom to move the way you want. You have more control with the adjustable crossover straps, which allow you to dictate the support you need for your workouts.

Style it off the mat: Show off the cute details of the back-straps. Tangled Kiss is all about unexpected details and combinations. Check out Wonderland Leg Warmers in Champagne for a wink of nostalgia.

White bodysuit sustainable yoga activewear natural fabric

Cloudless – Classic with a twist, a subtle flirty wink.

Suited for: Someone who oozes effortless chic charms, where confidence comes as second nature. Someone who enjoys classic looks but isn’t afraid to put their own spin on it.

Get it if your body needs: Subtle support that allows you to twist and turn. The crisscrossed straps keeps the bodysuit in place while also allowing you more freedom to explore movement and motion.

Style it off the mat: Keep it simple and sophisticated. Cloudless doesn’t need much help to turn heads and invite compliments. Try pairing it with Sunday in Sheet pants in Rose Moon for a little romance.

Tie dye bodysuit for yoga activewear and dance using sustainable fabric

Second Skin – Timeless and fuss-free, simple support.

Suited for: A direct communicator who likes to keep thing simple and straight-to-the-point. There’s a reassuring sense of safety when you bypass frills and laces – in life and for clothes!

Get it if your body needs: Soft and breathable fabrics that hug. You’re not fussed with form, because functionality is where its at. Or if you’re looking for classic shapes to pair with more adventurous pieces.

Style it off the mat: Simple can be sexy. Play around with silhouettes that hint at your curves. Pair it with the Dahlia Mini Skirt on Noir for an effortlessly every-day look to boost your confidence. 

Naturally dyed bodysuit using natural organic bamboo fabric for yoga and dance

Figuring out the right fit isn’t an exact science. Our recommendations might not give the perfect answer for your wants or needs, but it’s a good jumping off point!

We’d love to hear from you, what do you look for when you pick out your organic activewear?

Did we nudge you in the right direction?

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