The people we meet in our life play a multitude of roles. Some are solid signposts who point where we can go, without the slightest inclination to accompany us. Some are passersby who make us laugh and cry and smile. Some special ones come into our life intent on staying. Who cheers us on as we speed ahead, and blow soap bubbles to amuse us when we’re too tired to find joy.

Valentine’s Day may be popular between romantic couples, but there’s joy in cherished lifelong friendships that we can also celebrate. If you're looking for a valentines gift for yogi, find out more in this blog. Feel the womance in the air. Afterall, every relationship needs a little wooing to make it work.

As kids, we might have declared our friendships with matching, painstakingly woven string bracelets – but as adults we can get a little creative with our paired items. Bring a little childhood joy into your friendship and match up with your best beloved bestie.

A perfect cliché

You met sometime in school, and neither of you can quite remember if it was in class or on the playground, but what you know is that you’ve been inseparable ever since. Time and distance got nothing on your classic tale of lifelong friendship.

What’s better than to celebrate your story-book friendship than a wink and a grin to own that classic cliché, than to get matching Valentine’s Day items in pink.


You grew up a little different, forging your own paths and growing into two distinct personalities, but your little in-jokes and giggles are always a shared source of joy.

Grab these matching tops to work out in: Snug Hug and Second Skin in Plumeria Petal.

Snug Hug Top in Plumeria Petal

Sustainable and ethical yoga top

Second Skin in Plumeria Petal

Sustainable and ethical yogawear

Loyal to the end

When you’re floating between thoughts and worries, their hands find you. An anchor, a light, a moment of reprieve. Your friendship has seen ups and downs and joyful moments in the sun. You know that whatever happens, whatever life will throw at you, this friendship is one you can rely on.

Blue is the color for loyalty. It’s also the color for trust, confidence, and clarity. Celebrate the best of your friendship with shades of blue.


You both understand that life works in mysterious ways. You celebrate the moments you share, and wave goodbye when you must. But you know a phone call is all it takes to find comfort.

Grab these matching bodysuits to conquer the world in: Tangled Kiss in Blue Tiramisu and Flower Bloom in Still Waters. 

Tangled Kiss in Blue Tiramisu

Sustainable bodysuit for yoga and dinner date

Flower Bloom in Still Waters

Versatile yogawear that can be worn off the mat

Opposites attract

People have always wondered how you met. Two opposing forces and personalities that should by all rights clash. But you collided in the most beautiful way. Life feels easier when you’re together. You challenge and balance each other in turn, and it brings out the best of you.


Solid color and pattern, you’re shades of a color. You connect because your principles match up in a scary way. Twins at heart, where it matters the most. Where understanding flourishes and thrives.

Grab these dresses and let your hair down: Flower Bloom Bodysuit in Raven Sky and Second Skin Bodysuit in Blue Tiger.

Flower Bloom Bodysuit in Raven Sky

sustainable yoga bodysuit

Second Skin Bodysuit in Blue Tiger

Comfortable yogawear that is naturally dyed

Do you have a favorite from our list? Which Isabelle Moon outfits would you buy to match-up with your bestie?

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