Hi, hello, joyful greetings Delicious Humans,

Have you heard? We finally launched our newest collection! Well – three pieces from the eleven we’ll be rolling out throughout the rest of the year.

If you’re on our Instagram or if you’ve hopped on our newsletter, you would have heard about the collection already, but we thought we’d share a little bit more about our newest babies and our newfound bestie.


Isabelle Moon’s sustainable fabric choices is one of the ways it has established itself as a sustainable yoga brand.
Micromodal is Isabelle Moon’s new sustainable fabric BFF. Soft, stretchy, super absorbent, and completely biodegradable.

Science is so cool but we don’t always acknowledge how big of a part it plays in our everyday lives. In fashion for instance, science is involved in the development of raw materials which are constantly tweaked to accommodate our needs as a society and our ever-changing demands.

Micromodal is one example of a semi synthetic fabric that was developed to answer the need to have a more effective manufacturing process which produced less waste. It’s a completely biodegradable fabric with a closed manufacturing loop – this means that all the chemicals used in the manufacturing process is captured and reused, and any chemical waste leftover can be considered non-hazardous.

Our newest collection features this stretchy and super absorbent fabric. We love it for how perfect it is for sustainable yoga clothes!

Meghan Currie designed Isabelle Moon’s new collection with sustainable fabrics and natural dyes in mind.
Meet 5 breathtaking new shades made with natural dyes; Still Waters, Soul Star, Blue Tiger, Desert Dune, Misty Morning. Delectable shades that make our new pieces look that little bit more delicious. 


Playing around with colors has to be one of the best parts of figuring out how a new collection will look. It’s a delicate balance of figuring out how to bring a variety of fresh colors and making sure that the new items will still look cohesive with our exiting pieces. We don’t want to make designs in colors that will stick out like a sore thumb – It goes against the idea of curating a sustainable wardrobe.

We want the new collection to mesh beautifully with the Isabelle Moon pieces you already have in your wardrobe. We’d really love to hear (and see) how you would combine them with your go-to Isabelle Moon pieces, so please don’t forget to tag us on Instagram if you post up a yoga selfie!


The new collection joins Isabelle Moon’s line of highly functional and supportive sustainable organic clothes.
Meghan marries comfort and functionality in her designs for Isabelle Moon. It’s the base of all her designs for our line of organic activewear.

Comfort and functionality are two super important things for Meghan every time she designs something. They have to provide support in all the right places as you move from pose to pose, giving you room to breathe, and the freedom to figure out positions. While ‘comfort’ is an important keyword for both texture and in fit.

You’ll notice we don’t constantly throw up a new collection every season – this is why! We want to make sure that the pieces that we do offer are providing you with the exact thing you’re looking for.

But we do have a few new pieces all lined up, and they’re currently going through the process of trial by fire (or in this case by rigorous workout). Keep an eye out for new developments and releases!

(Psst, you might wanna sign up for our newsletter, where we’ll definitely be keeping everyone updated with new developments and sneaky secret sales!)

Excited over the new collection,

Isabelle Moon

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