Dear Magnificent Humans,

Getting comfortable with the word ‘sustainability’ can be something of a struggle

We all know how big of an impact a sustainable lifestyle can make for the environment, but it often paints a complicated picture of expensive products, huge changes in our lifestyles, and navigating a whole slew of new landmines with the ‘rules’ people say are très importante.

Isabelle Moon is a baby finding its way into the world, figuring out practical ways we can leave a positive impact as a brand. And along the way we found that there are easy, cost-free ways we can make changes that won’t derail us from our habits to live a more sustainable life as individuals.

Here are some of our favorite cost-free ways to build a sustainable wardrobe!

Isabelle Moon is a sustainable yoga clothing brand which uses natural fibers and dyes for its designs.

Organic fabric, naturally dyed. Do you know what plants are used to create our dyes? Check out our Slow Fashion and Natural Dyes article to find out!

1. Understand your personal style and get familiar with your go-to colors.

Trends come and go, but what you find comfortable will rarely take a sharp turn. Even if you’ve had a drastic makeover, there will still be staple pieces of clothing that you just can’t let go of, or colors that you refuse to part with.

The trick is to figure out what kind of things have remained consistent throughout the years.

Put on some chill sounds and light a candle. Get cozy and go through your photos. Ask yourself;

  1. Do you see a pattern emerging?

  2. What item of clothing and accessories do you find most comfortable?

  3. What colors do you see reoccurring way too often?

By knowing what your staple pieces are, you can mix and match new purchases in your head! This means you can avoid impulse buying pieces that you have to build a whole new wardrobe around.

2. Research your favorite sustainable and ethical brands.

Browsing online shops is the new shop-hopping through the high street or malls. And the best thing is, you have a little bit of extra time to check out what the companies you shop from stand for!

A little bit of research can be a big part of changing our behavior from being consumers of fast fashion to supporting brands that promote slow fashion and a more sustainable lifestyle. Conscious consumerism is showing more support to businesses that are promising better impact to the environment and the societies they exist in.

Organic activewear designed by Meghan Currie.We may be biased, but sustainable yoga clothes are pretty cool. Meghan is wearing Tangled Kiss Bodysuit in Olive Ash and Moonlit Shorts in Phosphorescence

3. Keep a list of clothes that you want and need.

Plan ahead and keep a list of updates to your wardrobe that you need. This way you can take advantage of sales without feeding into the big machine that is the fast fashion industry.

This doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself luxuries or cute items that you might not necessarily need but definitely want… It just means you’re more aware of your purchases. This deliberate way of shopping will not only keep you in tune with yourself – you can also make use of that all important list of sustainable and ethical brands you want to support!

4. Make your favorite beverage.

This may be our most favorite sustainable wardrobe hack ever.

Grab your favorite drink to chill and wait out the urgency you get when you’re faced with a clothing item you want. While you sip on your drink, you can figure out how that item of clothing will fit into your life. How you’ll use it and how it will complement your style.

As much as we’d love you to immediately rush our sales – we also want you to be 100% enthusiastic about your purchases. Buying with a cool head with leave you with no regrets and a lot more satisfaction.

(And here’s a secret we’re happy to throw in; our community often gets sneaky sales that we don’t always throw up on the website! Join our newsletter so you never miss out of deals.)

So Happy Humans, we hope this short list will kick off a conversation on how to get comfortable with the concept of sustainable living. But if you’ve been doing this for a while – we’d love to hear from you!

Share your favorite hacks, how do you curate a sustainable wardrobe? What are some of your go-to brands that support your lifestyle?

Happily grooving in organic activewear,

Isabelle Moon

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