"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak"                        -Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.

Taking the time to slow down helps you quiet the mind, and you will start to hear what your soul has to say. It will guide you in the direction of a life where you are healthy and truly happy. You could start by doing some exercise, spend some time in the nature, doing yoga or doing meditation.

Meditation will take you deep inside, to lean into anything you might be unconsciously or consciously avoiding. To be with what is, and in doing so, to dissolve away any resistance, anxiety, fear, discomfort, tension that you may be holding.

Inner Grace | Meghan Currie Yoga Online Studio

Meghan wears Isabelle Moon's Moonlit Shorts - Olive Ash and Second Skin Bodysuit - Blue Tiger

A guided meditation by Isabelle Moon's founder, Meghan Currie, will help you clear your mind, let go and stay connected to your inner peace. With embracing into the space that you are comfortable with, you could focus on your breathing and feel the tension released from your body. It's about connecting to the essence of gracefulness inside your body and to experience and nourish more of yourself.

Diffuse Discomfort | Meghan Currie Yoga Online Studio

Meghan wears Moonlit Shorts - Rose Moon 

When we are feeling any kind of discomfort within ourselves, whether its emotional or physical, our body unconsciously create resistance, like a barrier around it that makes our body having a tension that is definitely uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable. This guided meditation is about digesting, processing, integrating any kind of discomfort including anxiety.

The result can be a noticeable diffusion of the discomfort you are experiencing, a renewed sense of inner space, clarity, and grounding! By embracing and accepting our uneasy feeling and letting it be a part of ourselves, we could achieve so much more with a happier mind and tension released on our body.

We really hope these practices could help you absorb your challenging emotions and process uncomfortable feelings you have.

Let us know on the comment below how you feel after doing the meditation!

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