Dear Beautiful Souls,


Do you ever find yourself holding back from exploring new experiences and trying new things? Or do you ever feel the nagging voice of self-doubt and fear that keeps you from taking that yoga class or signing up for that poetry course? It's easy to get caught up in the rhythm of our daily lives and oftentimes we forget to make space for new opportunities.

As we celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Isabelle Moon, we're being reminded of the power of dreams and the importance of staying true to our passions. Isabelle Moon began as a small idea, a spark of inspiration that now has blossomed into something truly remarkable. 

Meghan wears Isabelle Moon's New Collection Cloudless Bodysuit - Raw Earth and Her Wild Oversized Shirt - Raw Earth.

"Most important lesson I've learned is when we feel scared or we feel intimidated, that can be an indication that we are being called to move out of our comfort zone and to move into the zone of growth. You're gonna fall, it's inevitable. Sometimes things are going feel like you're swimming upstream, there's going to be really difficult moments that make you question yourself and question what you're doing." Our Founder, Meghan Currie discovered the importance of being Vulnerable in the process of growth.

Nagging voices of self-doubt will be hunting us forever, but what if we took a step back and allowed ourselves to dream? To imagine a life filled with creativity, adventure, and self-discovery? What if we embraced the unknown and took the leap, trusting in our own strength and resilience to guide us through the journey?

Meghan wears Miss Daydream Bra - Raw Earth and Moonlit Shorts in Sweet Jungle.

“There's going to be really difficult moments that make you question yourself and question what you're doing and all of those questions once they are faced and accepted and moved through, they can cultivate a stamina that gives us the strength to keep going.” Meghan shared her visons.

Unravel your worries slowly with the written word. Sometimes, when a whisper seems too loud, quiet words unfurling on paper can help. It’s still a way of confronting yourself with your own discomfort, write down and ask yourself does it feel uncomfortable? What makes you feel scared? Why did you start in the first place? By facing our discomforts and asking ourselves the difficult questions, we can begin to explore the roots of our fears and overcome them with time. As Meghan reminds us, “These moments are ultimately what make us into stronger, more empowered, wiser, humans.” 

Meghan wears Isabelle Moon's New Collection Miss Daydream Bra - Raw Earth and Sunday In Sheets Pants - Pure Sky.

Start that small business, try that new hobby, or simply take a moment to pause and reflect on what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. Let's embrace the magic of life, and remember to nurture our minds, bodies, and souls with the love and care that we deserve.

So Lovely Humans, how can you celebrate and appreciate the vulnerability you show as you take the first step toward something new, even if it feels uncomfortable or scary?


Grateful for you,

Isabelle Moon Team

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