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Much like life, yoga is journey – not a destination. It’s filled with amazing discoveries to be made of our body and its capabilities. It’s unique as a sport because it really allows us to move every part, helping us to discover how different parts of our bodies work and to learn about its needs and wants through yoga flows that activate different muscle groups.

Learning about yoga is in itself a lifelong journey, and there’s always something new to be picked up. Let’s go back to the basics with Isabelle Moon's Creator - Meghan Currie, and discover more about your body’s shapes, position, and how to best approach a movement.

Check out these short videos that Meghan has made to share awesome yoga tips!

Sandbag Breathing for Diaphragm Strengthening

Did you know that diaphragmatic breathing can help you to slow the heartbeat and lower or stabilize blood pressure? It’s also an important part of your yoga practice.

Meghan goes back to basics to explain tension and breathing, and goes into how Sandbag breathing can help you with diaphragmatic breathing.


Cobra Pose to Strengthen the Back

Our backs are an essential part of how our bodies function and operate. The back and abdominal muscles help the spine to maintain postures and flexibility in movement. Not only that, it transmits load and stress as we go about our days.

Meghan explains more about the Cobra pose, how intent to strengthen or stretch will affect how you do your Cobra pose.


Balancing on One Foot

Balance can be tricky! It seems like a simple thing but it requires cultivating power in your feet, figuring out how you can use it to distribute your body weight. Gaining better balance through can also help our day-to-day lives. 

Meghan gets technical about how awareness of the feet and your body positions can help you gain better balance.


Feet Position in Upward Facing Dog

The feet play an important part in yoga, one slight adjustment can affect how your body moves, how you prepare to move within your flow. By figuring out to position your feet, you can understand how it can help or enhance your practice.

Meghan gives examples on how feet positions can affect movement and flow, so you can try the positions that suit you best.

These short tips are responses Meghan has made to answer questions, concerns, and curiosities by subscribers of Meghan’s online studio. You can check out her available classes and workshops on the website, or you can see if the videos Meghan has posted on Youtube can help you in your journey.

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