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On the last blog, we mentioned that yoga is a journey – not a destination. Learning about yoga is in itself a lifelong journey, and there’s always something new to be picked up.

There is no doubt that yoga changes people's life but what we don't realise, we can also take what we learn in life to our practice. This method of feeding wisdom both ways on and off the mat creates an eco-system that is nourishing, powerful, authentic and yet so natural.

Isabelle Moon Founder, Meghan Currie, will take you on a lifelong yoga practice that you can relate throughout all phases in your life.

The earliest memory in our lives might be different but they're all have the same thing in common - it starts with intention. You might remember your earliest memory would be grabbing your sibling's food off of her/ his hand. Your intention might simply be to be able to enjoy what your sibling was enjoying, but you wouldn't think that the result of you acting on your intention might annoyed your sibling. Same as when you running down the door to greet your mother when she's home after work. Your intention is to meet and hug your mother, but you have no idea that it would mean the world for her. In a way your intention is a result of what you want to communicate or express.

Meghan brings this idea to her practice. "When I'm practicing and really connected in my practice it feels like a physical expression of prayer especially when I become very intentional about (my practice) and very anchored in my intention. Whatever our intention or dedication is, the expression itself of the movement can be an expression of prayer or communication."

This 1-hour Slow Yoga Class is all about allowing our expression through movement to be the communication.

1-hour Slow Yoga Class: Steady Balance Flow | Meghan Currie Yoga 🌶️🌶️



Meghan wears ethically made activewear Tangled Kiss Bodysuit in Pearl Mist and Moonlit Shorts in Rose Moon

Getting out of our comfort zone is another phase of life that Meghan brings its wisdom to her practice. But before we move outside comfort zone, we first must embrace the discomfort itself.

Leaning on to the discomfort does not always feel good during the process but we will feel empowered after that. It's an opportunity to go within yourself to find something that is valuable, rich and beautiful. A process that brings us growth.

This 40-Minute Powerful Wheel practice will take you to experiment the discomfort. Listening to the feedback that your body gives and slowly move to a place of growth or new discovery. It's a pose that takes us to our threshold to discover new levels of internal power.

40-Minute Vinyasa Flow: Powerful Wheel | Meghan Currie Yoga 🌶🌶🌶



Meghan wears activewear made of OEKO-Tex Certified bamboo fabric that is luxuriously soft and feels like second skin Miss Daydream Bra in Pearl Mist and Moonlit Shorts in Rose Moon

As humans, we tend to punish ourselves for poor result or performance. We focus so much on when we are going to get there or the thought of "I should be there by now if I didn't do that mistake". Then we beat ourselves up. Imagine what happens if we switch the narrative.

Instead of wondering how long it's going to take us to get there, how about change the mindset to "I am on the right path and my timing is perfect". Instead of thinking your mistake is the one that brings you down, let's change the perspective to "I accept my mistake and I learn from it. I am in a better place right now to move forward". And the key is to acknowledging the tiny success.

The same applies to yoga practice. In this 50-Minute Dancer’s Pose class, Meghan shows how to embrace who we are fully and finding home in ourselves. It's all about celebrating that tiny success that is a part of the bigger goal. She will take you to establish some key movements and integrations within the body to progressively build a strong and vibrant dancer’s pose.

50-Minute Dancer’s Pose: Tiny Successes | Meghan Currie Yoga 🌶🌶



Meghan wears versatile and functional activewear that can be worn on and off the mat Miss Daydream Bra in Rose Moon and Moonlit Shorts in Indigo Sunrise

If you want to practice more with Meghan, visit Meghan’s online studio. You can check out her available classes and workshops on the website, or you can see if the videos Meghan has posted on Youtube can help you in your journey.

What other phase in life that you bring to your practice?

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