Dear Loving Humans,

Nature loving, nature inspired, naturally created. We’re always in awe of Mama Earth, committed to slow fashion and natural dyes, and in love with her perfect imperfections. Meghan drew inspiration from Mama Earth, stretching out the Earth Day celebration to infinity. Inspired by beauty, wisdom, wonder, and nourishment. Magic we experience every day.

Explore In Her Wild with us.

Sustainable activewear inspired by Earth Day

In Her Wild is inspired by the raw and authentic side of nature that’s never afraid to show her truest self, fierce and proud and ever so beautiful.

Old favorites meets new crushes in our new collection that we know you’ll have fun with. As always, we’ve done our best to stay sustainable. Made with natural fibers and tinted with natural dyes, every piece is a love letter to Mama Earth.

Her Wild Oversized Shirt

Oversized shirt terracota naturally dyed using sustainable Tencel fabric
Isabelle Moon’s sustainable oversized shirt in the color Raw Earth.

This versatile oversized shirt is nature seen through Isabelle Moon’s eyes. Freedom in every flutter, a graceful type of wild abandon. Style it exactly as you want it, chic or casual, sensual or playful. It’s happy to accompany you through life.

Zephyr Dress

Sustainable backless mini dress

Isabelle Moon’s sustainable dress in the color Pure Sky.

This must-have addition to your wardrobe, is a mini backless slip dress inspired by a gust of wind bringing you comfort and freshness. Comfortably falling in with your curves, it’s a comfortable piece that flows with your movement.

Raw Earth

Sustainable activewear for yoga that is versatile and can be worn off the mat

Isabelle Moon’s sustainable activewear in the color Raw Earth, a rich shade of light honey brown.

Inspired by complimentary forces we’ve been told are contrasts, Raw Earth is the balancing of dualities. Soft and strong, calm and wild, orderly and unpredictable. Made from Mahogany barks, the natural dye comes from a rich reddish-brown wood that darkens over time.  

Pure Sky

Sustainable activewear for yoga, naturally dyed.

Isabelle Moon’s sustainable activewear in the color Pure Sky, a rich shade of light honey brown.

Free as can be, but always grounded, our color Pure Sky is inspired by Mama Earth’s generous and nourishing gifts. Made naturally from the light green leaves of Indigofera tinctoria, a shrub known for the color True Indigo.

Celebrate life and nature with us, and get closer to the magic that surrounds us.

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