Dear Happy Humans,

Have you noticed that so much of what we do is intermingled with facets of our personality? And how our personality really shines through our various forms of expression?

In a class of five people, I can teach the same routine and be met with five distinct individuals who managed to infuse each movement with their own personality. Within the uniformity of forms and timing in the routines; there would be different level of confidence, different parts that each individual would respond to better.

Different forms of expression that is just wonderful to see.

 Meghan Currie, the founder of sustainable yoga clothes brand Isabelle Moon, mid action.

Feeling fully supported to practice in the Moonlit Shots in Raven Sky and a sneak peek to our new top.

Movement is something we don’t always notice when it comes to self-expression. It can be such a mundane part of our everyday. The way our head tilts in conversation, or a hand movement that becomes our tell, when we’re about to tell the punchline to a joke… we don’t really think about all of these little tilts and twitches.

It’s why working out and moving is a great way of finding out about yourself. Not just in yoga! But in every form – yes even when you’re just dancing alone in your room.

Isabelle Moon provides organic activewear that gives comfortable support, giving you the confidence to move freely.
Happy ladies in the Tuberose Dress, moving to a rhythm of their own making. When it comes to moving, start with something small, and work your way up into a routine.

I spoke previously about how important it was to me to stay motivated to move, and it got me thinking about freedom of expression through movement, and our community of awesome people.

In the good old days, it might have been difficult to connect and to communicate if we’re located in different parts of the globe, but today – you’re  just a click away from me.

Come move with me with the 1-hour Heart Opening Slow Flow. A few videos are up on my Youtube, have a look-see and let me know which is your favorite.

We might not be able to do yoga together in person, but maybe we can still reach out to each other through the screen. Try recording yourself as you move through the video and see how your own form of self-expression presents itself through movement.

Did you learn something new about yourself?

I’d love to hear about all the differences and similarities that you discovered, so please let me know how it goes on the comment section below.

Excited to hear from you,

Meghan Currie

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