Dear Wonderful Humans,

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mimi Frieser through our #FromWomenToWomenSeries a few months ago. She shared about her ongoing journey of finding acceptance and about how vulnerability can help us connect on a deep level with others. That when we let ourselves be seen by another human, we release the fear and negativity that so often stagnates us in our life. "By sharing and speaking openly about our struggles, we revoke power from these draining, negative thoughts.”

Personally I've had a powerful last few months of experiencing first-hand the healing powers of vulnerability. In 2021, about half way through, I began to experience an increase in anxiety levels. I decided I needed to take a break from work and the internet. I committed myself to a 28-day program where I had the opportunity to focus solely on restoring my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It was over that 28 days I learned what true vulnerability is and of the transformative effects of it. I learned to share my raw bits out loud, the parts I was fearful of sharing for the dread of being judged and disliked. I was met with validation, sometimes through the sweet silence of a true listener, other times by feeling understood and related to. I felt in every cell that I'm SO not alone and that when I share myself in raw format, deep human connection ensues.

When we share the real raw bits of our heart, and are met with a compassion and understanding, we feel validated. Not for how we look or what we have achieved, but for who we are, right where we are at.

Validation is a nourishing nectar but can also act as an addictive poison, depending upon its use and consumption. The quest for ongoing external validation, as we know, can be an exhaustive one that leaves us no more fulfilled or confident than when we began. On the other hand, healthy validation can help us in times when we are confused and insecure, feeling alone in our experience, or feeling down and need a little boost. When we feel validated and receive it in a nourishing way, there is a lightening of our load and lifting of our spirit; a feeling of freedom, confidence, inner security and renewed trust in self in other and in life.

Validation doesn't always need to be expressed in verbal form. Listening intently and being fully present when someone is sharing is as powerful a way to validate another's experience as with the use of words, even more powerful sometimes.

Here is a sweet and super touching short video about the effects of validation within and without. For such a short video it carries a powerful impact, showing the powerful effects of validation upon others and ourself.

I hope this video will spark some curiosity and inspiration! And remember how it feel for you to be really seen, heard and validated. Who are the ones in your life who you feel safe with and connect to on this deep level? What can you do today to nourish and love up these relationships today?

Sustainable yoga clothing brand Isabelle Moon founder, Meghan Currie is wearing organic activewear.Learning to be nice to ourselves is a lifelong journey of acceptance. Meghan Currie wearing Isabelle Moon's Tangled Kiss Bodysuit and Moonlit Shorts

And unlike how we can empathize and validate others, why can it be so hard to do the same for ourselves? How often do you tell yourself: “You did your best. You are not feeling great, and it's ok to feel that way. You are ok! You are and awesome human. You’re amazing.”

Why can it be hard to be nice to ourselves?

I read an article that explored this question. It raised interesting points on how as a society we focus on self-esteem rather than self-compassion. And how we often think that compassion toward ourselves is a form of laziness. That if we were kind to ourselves, we are indulging in self-pity.

But is it really the case? Is it really self-indulgent to admit that we are having a hard time and are in need of help? That life isn’t all fun and games and that sometimes we get tired and insecure?

I think these are questions we need to ask ourself whenever we feel doubts inching closer within our thoughts. To remind ourself that it’s a-okay to feel less than perfect.

Quoting Mimi Frieser, “Self-love is very important. To know that you are worthy regardless of what other people think. Things are not always perfect, and we’re not always perfect. And that’s okay!”

Loving you so much, keep up the amazing work beautiful human!


Practicing kindness and acceptance,

Meghan Currie, Founder of Isabelle Moon

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