Hi Sweet Humans,

Last week I shared with you that recently, I’ve managed to break through from a place of discomfort.

Noticing that so many people shared the same experience, this time I decided to talk more about the importance of embracing discomfort.

"A life of growth means a life of exhilarating discomfort." — Dave Hollis

Although I 100% agree with that quote, I don’t disagree with finding our comfort zone and enjoying the sweetness of routine and order.

In his famous Ted Talk, Bill Eckstrom breaks down the science of discomfort, or as he calls it, The Growth Rings. Order is the most desirable ring. It’s an environment where you create a routine and there is a predictable input and outcome. Within that, comfort is found. Which makes Order also the most dangerous ring because it breeds complacency and that is the enemy of growth. 

The complexity ring is where discomfort hits you. Unpredictability rises and you can feel the comfort start to slip away. From here you can choose to bolt in the opposite direction and go back to the comfort zone, or embrace the discomfort and grow.

He also mentioned 3 things that can constantly trigger the Complexity:

  • Something that is forced upon you. You have no control when it happens but you can control what reaction to take.
  • External environment that you choose. Be it your partner, teacher, coach or friend, you choose someone to help you to keep challenging your comfort zone.
  • Yourself. He quoted this powerful line “The constant facade of order hides the wilderness that is craving to step out and teach us that life wasn't created to be what we think it is... we must experience the wilderness to be taught what cannot be otherwise known.” —Dr. Serene Jones

Once you start to feel the discomfort hit you, use it as an opportunity to go within yourself to find something that is valuable, rich and beautiful. Take your time to look at the deepest feelings, feeling them fully, getting intimate with your thoughts and get curious about the “why”. This way you get a better understanding of the discomfort and discover a new layer. When you’re ready, integrate that new layer. This creates a stronger bond and automatically, that, that was uncomfortable, creates strength, empowerment and growth.

So, beautiful ones, lean to that discomfort and enjoy the discovery process. Once you break through it, celebrate your growth and keep me updated!



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