“A mother’s love is like an everlasting bed of roses that continues to blossom. A mother’s love bears strength, comfort, healing, and warmth." ― Ellen J. Barrier

As Mother's Day has passed by, we would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the amazing mothers out there. We appreciate your love, dedication, and struggles. You deserve to be celebrated every day, not just on this special occasion. Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with ups and downs, but the love that mothers share with their children is a bond that will last a lifetime.

To honor Mother's Day, our dear community is gathering to share heartfelt tales of their boundless love for their children, their challenges, and their ongoing journey towards personal growth.

Marine Gabana gently holds her child, Cali, close, radiating warmth and tender love.
Marine is wearing Moonlit Shorts in Pearl Mist.

In the heartfelt words of Marine Gabana, a dedicated yoga teacher and loving mother to her child, Cali.

"All my experiences, the good and the tough, helped me become a mom—a foundation for another person. I’m like the roots for this little angel who decided to come into the world to grow and shine. When Cali showed up, it wasn’t the perfect situation with her dad, but it turned out to be the most amazing miracle for me."

"Since she was born, Cali has been teaching me about being kind, patient, and grateful. Even though our journey together is tough, I know this little one is here to do something awesome for the world. She’s the future, and my job is to help her find her own way to speak up, to make the world a better place."

Posing with a Graceful Charm, Marine is wearing our Second Skin Bodysuit.

"Even when everything feels dark and stormy, we’re like rocks for each other. Cali, my love, you’re my everything, my beautiful flower, my moon and sun, my guide for becoming something bigger and better."

Marine finds Cali to be her greatest teacher, learning kindness, patience, and gratitude through their journey together. She believes Cali holds the potential to positively impact the world, and it's her role as a mother to support her in finding her voice. Even amidst challenges, Marine and Cali stand as pillars of strength for each other. Marine expresses deep love and admiration for Cali, seeing her as everything - a beautiful flower, a guiding light, and her inspiration for personal growth.


Radiating elegance and grace, Steph showcases our Miss Daydream Bra in Cinnamon Smoke and Moonlit Shorts in Raven Sky with effortless charm.

In the world of Steph, a Philosophy MA holder and Life Coach, her Milk & Honey Movements are a heartfelt expression of her journey. She shares her profound insights,

"I learned the most about my inner child when I became a mother. I listened to a motherhood podcast that really supported the importance of meeting your children emotionally and I realized that there was no emotion, action, or thought I wouldn’t want my children to bring to me."

Gracefully adorned, Steph is wearing our Tangled Kiss Bodysuit in Olive Ash and Enchanted Legging in Raven Sky, striking a pose that exudes charm and sophistication.

"In learning how to have compassion for my children, I started to realize how God has compassion for me and that I could share any thought, action, or emotion in my prayer life. In light of God’s love, I developed deeper love and compassion for myself, and my children, and pretty much everyone I’ve encountered since then."

Steph discovered her inner child when she became a mother. A motherhood podcast highlighted the importance of connecting emotionally with children, leading her to want her kids to share all their feelings with her.


Valarie Kaur's words strike a chord, inviting us to ponder the intricate threads of love and care that shape our lives. As we reflect on her questions – 'Who do you Mother? Who Mothers you? How do you Mother Yourself?' – we're encouraged to consider the roles we fulfill in nurturing others and the support we're blessed to receive in return. Yet, within these reflections, Valarie gently nudges us to consider an often-overlooked aspect: self-care. It's a reminder that amidst the hustle and bustle of life, tending to our own well-being isn't just beneficial; it's vital. Through small acts of self-kindness and compassion, we refill our own cup, enabling us to give more freely to those around us. At its core, Valarie's message reaffirms a timeless truth: love is our birthright. It's the very essence of our existence, connecting us in a tapestry of humanity. Embracing this truth means embracing the give-and-take of love – a dance that enriches our lives and nourishes our souls.

With Love,
Isabelle Moon Team

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