• The Power of Vulnerability

    The Power of Vulnerability
    Hi Sweet Humans, When I decided to bring up this topic, I didn’t think I’d received so many responses. From your heartfelt comments and messages that I received, I learned that so many of you struggle dealing with vulnerability. Last week, I shared a quote from Brene Brown. I want to share with you her amazing TED Talk video called “The power of vulnerability”....
  • What is vulnerability?

    What is vulnerability?
    Hi Sweet Humans, From my interview with Anishka - Superpower of Vulnerability - I received quite a lot of messages. You express the struggles to deal with vulnerability and how glad you are to be reminded that you’re not the only one dealing with it. So let’s get to the basic question. What is vulnerability? I remember this sentence from a great book Daring...
  • How To Not Care What Other People Think

    How To Not Care What Other People Think
    Sweet Humans, Thank you so much for watching my first interview with Anishka last week. As I mentioned in my email, I really enjoyed my chat with her and I learned a lot from our heartfelt conversation. One thing that really stuck with me is the fear of other people’s judgement and criticism. I believe this also something that so many of you can relate to. So...
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