Hi Sweet Humans,

When I decided to bring up this topic, I didn’t think I’d received so many responses. From your heartfelt comments and messages that I received, I learned that so many of you struggle dealing with vulnerability.

Last week, I shared a quote from Brene Brown. I want to share with you her amazing TED Talk video called “The power of vulnerability”. She delivered this talk almost 10 years ago but I still relate to it until today.

 In that video, you’ll learn that:

  • The thing that underpins the feeling of I’m not good enough, not smart or thin enough or beautiful enough or other shame and fear is vulnerability 
  • Vulnerability cannot be separated from sense of worthiness. People who have a strong sense of love and belonging believe they’re worthy of love and belonging.
  • Some of the habits that you can start to do in dealing with vulnerability: 
      • Have the courage to be imperfect 
      • Compassion to be kind to ourselves first
      • Connect your true authenticity
      • Fully embrace vulnerability. 
  • Most importantly, you have to remember that you cannot selectively numb emotion. When you numb emotion, you numb joy, gratitude and happiness.

I agree with her in so many ways. Being vulnerable is so powerful that we have to embrace it. Getting comfortable with it can be unbearable or painful at first. But once you tap in to that layer, it’s easier for you to release your true self, be kind, accept and love yourself.

Do you relate? Please share how you deal with vulnerability in the comment section below.



P.S. Next week I’m going to share my interview video with an inspiring woman, Aliyah. We’re going deep on this topic of vulnerability and self love. Stay tuned!

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