Hi Sweet Humans,

Today, Aug 27th is Meghan's birthday and to show her some love we, the Isabelle Moon team, are surprising her with this post.

Here are 10 things we love about Meghan:

  1. Her quirky sense of humor that keeps us chuckling throughout the day even on the stressful ones :)
  2. Her creativity that inspires us to be creative in our own lives and the way we see the world
  3. Her generosity that uses her gifts and talents to support those in need
  4. Her care for the earth and all the beautiful creatures, especially represented by her love for her doggies 
  5. The way she uses movement to express herself and bring out that expression in others 
  6. Her questioning of status quo and challenging herself and her collaborators to innovate 
  7. How much she cares about women and their sense of wellbeing 
  8. Her commitment to self development and self love, and cherishing the vulnerability of it all.
  9. Her sense of curiosity about the world and hunger for learning and sharing
  10. The DELICIOUS matcha lattes and hot chocolates she makes for us that helps fuel our team meetings. Wowzaaa. 

We would love to hear from you, send Meghan some birthday wishes and let her know something you love about her in the comments below!


Isabelle Moon Team

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