Hi sweet humans,

I’m so happy to present this second episode of The Way She Moves.

This episode, I had a chat with Aliyah Washington, a self love teacher, an amazing human being and a bank of wisdom. I admire her passion in helping others connect with their humanity.

Last month I talked about vulnerability, how powerful vulnerability is and how important it is to explore all the layers of emotion inside. It’s easier said than done to acknowledge your feelings and Ali did an awesome job to break it down on how to do it.

In this video, Aliyah talked about:

  • Her journey of exploring her emotional feelings
  • Anxiety, depression and how we should perceive it
  • Step-by-step on dealing with anxiety and depression
  • What should we do in the middle of the current world situation of uncertainties

I can’t wait for you to watch the video. I’ve been rewatching it for so many times now but I still can’t get enough of her wisdom. All I want to do is to transcribe all her words and turn it into a book! 

Let me go grab my hot chocolate and I encourage you to grab your favourite beverage too and let’s watch this video together! One more thing, please share your thoughts and let me know what do you want me to cover for the next #TheWaySheMoves episode? 

Oh! You can find Ali here:

Facebook | Website | Patreon | YouTube | Instagram


Avid student of vulnerability,

Meghan Currie


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