Hi Sweet Humans,

As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, slowing down has been one of the most delicious and transformative parts of my personal practice on and off the mat.  

I know you might be afraid that slowing down will hold you back from getting things done or stopping you from your ambitious goals. But honestly, it actually made my work and life more manageable and efficient. 

It’s because when we move slower, we center our mind and energy into that one specific thing we focus on. When we don’t rush things, we have time to process what is happening and how it goes. Automatically we will have time to collect all the feedback, grow ourselves and improve our creation. 

When we move slower, we pay attention to small things. Suddenly we appreciate beautiful simplicity. We become delighted and engaged more with our surroundings. Anxiety and stress level are dropped while we enjoy life as we should be.

Here are 5 things that you can do to practice slowing down:

1. Wake up early 

I’m so done with rolling out of bed in a hurry. Now I always find that waking up early and slowly helps me a lot to prepare myself for the day. Set up your alarm around 30 mins earlier than usual. Resist all the temptation to hit that snooze button. Instead, put your phone right away and really take time to wake up slowly.

2. Plan your day

While sipping on your beverage of choice, (mine is hot matcha!) remind yourself of what you’ve accomplished yesterday. Take a look at your goal and see where you are at right now. Prioritize and plan your day to achieve an ambitious yet attainable goal. Break it down into small tasks. It’s also essential to plan non work-related agenda like meeting your loved ones for lunch, reading a book or any hobby that you’re into.

3. Move your body

For me, movement is my life. Be it an hour hard core of yoga flow, HIIT workout, dance or walking my dogs. I can’t emphasize enough how movement, even a small and quick one can change make a big difference. When you move, you reconnect to my body and mind. You feel stronger. Your mood is lifted. 

4. Breathe

When you start to feel rushed or stressed out, stop for a moment and just breathe. Inhale and exhale fully and deeply. I learn about breathing from and through my yoga practice but I found that breath also matters off the mat. Breathing creates a balanced circulation that is not just for your organs and nervous system, but also cleanse your body and mind. Breathe is everything. Breathe is boss. 

5. Be present

Be mindful at whatever activity you do each moment. Be in that moment. When you find your mind wanders somewhere that is not related to your current activity, acknowledge it and quickly go back to the present. Be aware of your body and surroundings. Listen to what it tells you. It takes practice to be present and aware and this is where meditation helps me. I know some people find it hard to do a long session of meditation but you can practice from small things. When you eat, eat mindfully. Put your phone away while you savour your food. The key is to be with you and that task that you are currently doing. 

In the next newsletter, I want to dive deep into breathing. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss it.

Let me know in the comment below, what do you do to slow down? What is the most difficult thing for you to slow down? Please share it to me and our community.

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