In a world where words define our existence, sometimes it’s healthy to question our relationship with the neat little boxes and thickly drawn lines that rule our daily life.

Because the words that we choose to define ourselves carry consequences. Taking us towards kindred hearts that may share our thoughts and feelings, our fears and joy. Taking us towards the tribes that speak the language of our mind, body, or soul.

What is femininity?

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To put it simply, “Femininity and masculinity are acquired social identities” said this paper on Femininity and Masculinity. It goes on to explain just how complicated it is, how it’s so closely connected to traditional gender roles and our own understanding of our gender identities.

So it’s not as simple after all.

What does it mean for Isabelle Moon?

‘Femininity’ has woven itself into Isabelle Moon’s DNA. The soft, sensuous kind that speaks of grace and beauty. Celebrating our many forms and our different needs in life. But it’s more than what you see on our website and it goes deeper than the clothes we share. It’s deep-seated in our core principles.

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We’ve taken it to heart as we explored all the ways we can be feminine, and all the ways that our femininity can be used to create lasting impact through our work.

Marcia Reynold, a behavioral scientist, summed up femininity and masculinity beautifully in her article ‘What is Femininity?’ an exploration of her experience, discoveries, and conclusion. “My desire is that we look each other in the eyes and with a lovely sense of curiosity, seeking to know the person standing in front of you. Who is the person beyond the labels? What strengths, gifts, talents and perspectives does he or she bring to this moment right now? When we truly honor each other as humans, we are feminine in the sense of community and masculine in the sense of creating one human tribe. In this world, no one is better. We are one.”

In developing and nurturing our community, we’ve discovered a wealth of knowledge that our friends generously share. We’ve come into contact with people who gently nudge us towards directions we haven’t yet considered. Embracing that vulnerable side of femininity where community and communication flourishes has made us question our own definitions of femininity, and how much more we can explore.

So maybe femininity can be defined exactly the way you want it; by your soft curves and quietly spoken words, by hard-won muscles and a strong heart. By your nurturing ways as you build your community.

Maybe femininity is as simple as feeling delicious as you put on an outfit, fingers and toes curling in glee. Maybe femininity is a badge you wear proudly, as you change the world we live in.

It’s a word that carries weight, and one we celebrate in its every fluid form.

What does femininity mean to you?

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