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We're so excited to start this new series called #FromWomenToWomen where we feature women in our community. We will give them space so they can share their thoughts, ideas and learning that we hope can inspire you, therefore we create an uplifting community.

We want you to meet Angela Perez.

Born in Spain, Angela has an undoubtedly joyful, fire energy that pierces the whole room, creating a lively environment. She’s been on the yogic and tantric path for the past 15 years.

She usually starts her day with warm lemon water, picking up flowers from her garden to take a moment of gratitude and then do meditation or contemplation.

Angela told us about her yoga journey, “I have been practicing Yoga for more than 25years! I practice Yoga because it makes me feels GOOD! I started practicing out of curiosity - it was challenging, but I always finished the classes feeling great physically and mentally. I felt more relaxed, more open and strong.”

One thing that we all can learn just by scrolling through her Instagram is how she feels comfortable in her own body. She believes that true beauty means to feel confident and relax in her own skin. It is all about harmony, balance, healthy, relax and openness. And to her, confidence is when you don’t need outside approval. “When you know, it feels good. It comes from the heart, and the mind.”

With a blend of deep love and gratitude for this life, it is her joy and honor to teach, study and share yoga and Tantra. Angela’s teaching style mirrors the way she practices - with complete joy and commitment to the path where her intuition came from.

She explained what intuition means to her “Intuition is that feeling in your gut, that tickles in your chest. Guiding you to give a step forward or backward. You trust it if you are quiet enough to listen to it. It always guides you towards whatever you need to experience.”

We asked deeper about her love for Tantra Yoga. She explained, “The Tantra tradition is very old and wide. Tantra is all about “relating” and how we relate. The most important connection is with ourselves. In Tantra, we are trying to establish a deeper understanding of ourselves. The main goal is to reach a personal feeling of liberation with whatever is holding us down from our higher potential.”

“I personally love that the Tantric yoga weaves together many yogic and meditative practices (ancient and new), whatever we need to help us get a deeper understanding of ourselves and, in this way we learn to accept and understand others. This path has completely changed my life and my lifestyle; as I keep on discovering and accepting the hidden areas of myself.”

She truly embodies the understanding that these practices are a gift and holds firm to her intention to be a radiant example of the true joy, power and potential of yoga.

Has been living in Bali for 9 years, you can catch her classes online and offline. Angela is teaching Tantra Yoga and Creative Flow at Samadi and DesaSeni. Find out more about her schedule on her Instagram!

If you haven’t watched her Slow & Deep Vinyasa Flow session on our IG TV, take a look and practice with her now!

Send Angela some love in the comment section below <3

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