Hi Sweet Humans,

I’ve been dwelling on dreams lately. Those quiet hours of unconsciousness where everything is silent and still, except for what’s going on inside our busy little brains.

More specifically still, I’ve been thinking a lot about lucid dreaming; that rare moment of realization that you’re in complete control of your dreamscape while you’re asleep.

Where do you start when you can rework that ever pliable world? All the ways you can create little spheres of fiction that no one else will ever have the privilege of witnessing, within such a limited time frame. What do you do when the world is moldable in every way?

It’s amazing the way our brain can give us the space to be creative without boundaries.

In a way Isabelle Moon has very much felt like a lucid dream that sneaked its way into reality. If you haven’t heard about how the name Isabelle Moon came to be – well, that in itself felt like a gorgeous fever dream. From conception to creation, I wanted Isabelle Moon to be something more.

We’re creating a shared space together, a community. A gorgeous gathering of women who want to lift each other up. A safe space where I can nudge you and say hello. A place where I can let you know what’s going on in my life, and in return get to know people of our community better. This little dream of mine is growing strong as our little community grows.


Isabelle Moon was always meant to be more in every way. From how the pieces are intimately dyed with natural dyes made from plants and trees, to the tailors who make sure each individual piece receives love from day 1, to compostable packaging that won’t damage Mother Earth.

What started as a private dream is now our own little haven. It’s why I really believe that some dreams deserve to be shared and celebrated.

We all have the power to reshape reality. It may be dormant yet, with ropes pulling those dreams tighter to our hearts, but hopeful tendrils will reach out. And all we can do is untangle those ropes bit by bit to allow hope to grow.

Sweet humans, what secret dreams of yours do you wish can become reality?



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