Hi Sweet Humans,

In previous newsletter, I mentioned how important breathing is. 

I learned about the art of breathing from my yoga practice. Breathing is the key that allows energy flow in our body. Every inhale and exhale helps us connect to our mind. Deep breath gives strength and allows us to execute each movement better.

It took me quite a while to become aware of my breath during practice. I created this 28 minute BreathFlow Movement that is breath centred and will help you practice your breathing.

It is a strong, creative, slow flow style emphasising on breath awareness creates a fluid meditative state that helps focus and still the mind, while tuning and toning the body.

When you’re ready, press play on this video and let’s practice together. Also, please let me know in the comment below, how important is breathing for you on the mat? Does breathing make a difference in your practice? 



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