Hi Sweet Humans,

In my last newsletter, I mentioned that the key to focus in yoga practice is to be as comfortable as you can be. It’s important to remove all the possible distractions that may hinder your practice. Get cosy!

Cosiness is that warmth and comfy feeling that tingles somewhere in our body. It’s always there somewhere for us to find. Recently I feel the urge to find that cosiness more than ever. Do you relate?

Getting cosy is all about being playful, feeling all the sensations and do it without expecting any outcomes. Getting cosy means being aware and embracing all the feelings. However, finding cosiness can be tricky when we’re surrounded by the concept and ideal state of success. More than often getting cosy can be seen as the opposite of accomplishing a certain agenda, on or off the mat. 

To tie this in with the topic of slowing down that I shared earlier this month, being present doesn’t always mean we walk away from our goals. Being present is related to mindfulness. Mindfulness always proves to give us more time to process what is happening and how it goes. Automatically we will have time to collect all the feedback, grow ourselves and improve our creation.

To me, getting cosy is a way of reaching certain goals.

One of the things I do to practice how to find my comfort is with meditation. In this video, I share a guided meditation to help you practice finding that warm feeling and tingling sensation in our body, not just on the mat but for anytime of the day.

Let me know in the comment section below, what do you do to get cosy? What do you want me to share with you in the upcoming newsletter?

Prepare yourself to get cosy and let’s practice together!



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