Previously we shared 4 Cost-Free Ways To Build Your Sustainable Wardrobe. If you find that helpful, you'd be happy to know that sustainable sometimes is just as easy as making sure the stuff you have in your wardrobe has multiple functions and can be tweaked to suit the occasion. ‘Versatile’ has always been one of our keywords that we keep in mind while designing Isabelle Moon pieces.

So we thought we’d put together a list of our favorites that you can wear comfortably on and off the mat (well, that’s every single one, but this is this month’s favorite!)


Sustainable yoga bodysuit with long sleeves from Isabelle Moon

Meet classy with a capital C. Pure Grace Bodysuit lives up to its name, with its long, sensuous lines and flirty accents. It’s a Queen on and off the mat and can kick up any outfit to a whole new level.

Sustainable yoga bodysuit with long sleeves from Isabelle Moon

It’s perfect for a night out with its low neck line, pair it with a layered necklace or a big, loud statement piece. The best thing is – it fits like second skin, and hugs you just right with its soft, sustainable Micromodal fabric.


Long leggings from Isabelle Moon, a yoga clothing brand owned by Meghan Currie

If you love statement tops and funky footwear, you’ll understand the importance of a good pair of leggings. We picked Wild Jasmine from our legging line-up to be our favorite versatile piece because of its support, shape, and comfort. It’s just that right length for you to slip into some cool high-top sneakers or a cute pair of boots. You’re all set for a run around town!


Ruched details on an organic yoga bodysuit from Isabelle Moon

If you’ve check out the New Collection section on the website, you’re of course familiar with Pure Grace and Flower Bloom. We’re really loving the versatile looks these two serve up. Pair this naturally dyed Flower Bloom with a body-con skirt for a dressed-up look, or a long floaty and flowing skirt for a softer look. It’s also a good statement piece that can replace big patterns or bright colors.


Leg warmers from sustainable yoga clothing brand, Isabelle Moon

Keeping you warm on and off the mat is the goal with these cute leg warmers. Who doesn’t want function and form? Wonderland Leg Warmers will add a little whimsical retro throwback to any outfit, a touch of playfulness that you can really play around with to suit your style. Soft, warm, and super fun.


A breezy outer from Meghan Currie’s organic activewear brand, Isabelle Moon

While the last two haven’t strictly been yoga-wear – they are super versatile and are easy to style. The Sweet Mist Sweater is as light and breezy as it sounds. A soft touch that floats around you, this sustainably made outerwear will add a layer of depth to your outfit without weighing it down. We love pairing Sweet Mist with our bodysuits, check them out and let us know which one you think would be its perfect pair!

Are you getting fun holiday outfit styling ideas yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts – tell us what other ideas you have to style your yoga-wear for on and off the mat!

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