Dear Beautiful Souls,

Everything that has been happening in the world has caused a huge shift in me. Do you relate?

As I mentioned in my email to you, I’ve been contemplating how I can do things differently in order to be of better service to the community and to become the kind of entrepreneur, artist and woman that I want to be.  

I’ve started to question and reflect on many aspects of myself and my work. I’ve begun a renovation process of sorts, realizing I want to do things differently.

One of my top values is to keep learning and growing no matter what.  To stay humble and open to improving for the greater good of all. I made you this short little video to share a little of my heart with you all.     

In this video I explain how I would like to initiate this change and how I envision you to be part of it.  I talk a little about:

  • my desire to be a part of a diverse, inclusive community
  • hopes I have to create a space where each unique perspective can be learned from
  • how I want to move forward, sharing inspiring individuals from the community; designers, artists, movers etc.
  • How I want to create an ecosystem where we lift each other up, personally and professionally and celebrate the beauty of who we are 

In the coming months I will be writing to you more often to share my thoughts, ideas, learnings, community inspirations and connections.  

My highest hope is that we can create a space for conversations that lift us up and help us to inspire each other.

How does this sound to you?  I want to hear from you, leave your comment below.

Loving you so much!

Isabelle Moon Dreamer and Founder,

Meghan Currie


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