Our Founder, Meghan Currie gracefully doing a headstand wearing our Pure Grace Bodysuit in Raven Sky.

"Self-expression is the vital spark that ignites our souls and allows us to paint the canvas of our lives with vibrant colors. It is through this beautiful form of communication that we reveal our true selves to the world."

Self-expression is a beautiful form of communication that allows us to reveal our true selves to the world. It encompasses the way we move, speak, and interact with others. Within the realm of self-expression, movement holds a special place as a powerful means to convey our emotions and thoughts. And when it comes to expressing ourselves through what we wear, natural fabrics play a significant role in enhancing our comfort and authenticity.

What is Self-expression to you?

To us, self-expression is the art of embracing our authentic selves with a soft and tender touch. It goes beyond words and finds its voice in the way we move, the gestures we share, and the clothing we choose. We believe that clothing holds the remarkable power to amplify self-expression. When we feel comfortable and confident in our attire, it becomes a reflection of our inner radiance, influencing our words, movements, and connections with others. Self-expression, to us, is a gentle melody that dances harmoniously with our truest essence, inviting us to express and celebrate who we truly are.

Our Muse are dancing around expressing their true color  wearing our lovely collection.

Our Lovely founder, Meghan Currie’s journey of self-expression began when she discovered the joy of sewing and started creating her own yoga clothing. Each stitch became a reflection of her unique style and personality, allowing her to express herself on a deeper level. However, as her passion grew, she realized the importance of aligning her creations with her eco-conscious values. Determined to make a positive impact, Meghan transformed her designs into US, an Ethical Yogawear. By sourcing sustainable materials like organic cotton and utilizing recycled fabrics, she ensured that our garments were not only fashionable but also gentle on Mama Earth.

Meghan is wearing our last edition of Flower Bloom Bodysuit in Blue Tiger

Also, we wholeheartedly embrace the passion Meghan holds for the expression of all beings, especially women. It serves as the driving force behind our brand's creation. Clothing has an incredible ability to express who we are in a gentle yet powerful way. It goes beyond mere functionality and becomes a form of art that speaks volumes about our personalities, emotions, and aspirations. Every garment we choose, every color we embrace, and the way we put them together creates a visual language that tells a unique story about ourselves. With a thoughtful touch, clothing becomes a canvas on which we can paint our individuality, allowing us to express ourselves without delivering a word.

Our Muse Persia, Che and Amber sharing a beautiful and warm bond wearing our EARTH-INSPIRED COLLECTIONS in Pure Sky  🦋

In essence, self-expression is a wondrous journey of embracing our truest selves through movement, choice of clothing, and the artistry of personal style. It is a celebration of individuality, a symphony of vibrant colors that speak volumes without delivering a word. We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of self-expression through clothing. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices reflects our deep respect for the environment and our fellow beings.

Remember, your voice matters, and your self-expression is a gift waiting to be shared. Let us walk this path together, weaving our stories and creating a world where every individual's voice is heard and cherished. Together, we can make a difference—one stitch, one garment, one beautiful expression at a time.


With Love,
Isabelle Moon

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