Sweet Humans,

Thank you so much for watching my first interview with Anishka last week.

As I mentioned in my email, I really enjoyed my chat with her and I learned a lot from our heartfelt conversation. One thing that really stuck with me is the fear of other people’s judgement and criticism. I believe this also something that so many of you can relate to. So for this week, my focus is to share my thoughts on where this fear comes from and how to use it to grow.

In this video, I talk about:

  • the process of how to learn and grow from fear
  • exploring triggers and the deeper feelings behind them
  • getting intimate with the physical and emotional reactions
  • building inner confidence

I love reading your your thoughts and opinions, so please comments below. I hope you enjoy this video



P.S. My interview with Anishka was just a start of our #theWaySheMoves series. Subscribe to our newsletter and YouTube for more videos featuring other inspiring women. Let’s be a part of of a community that lift each other up!

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