How do you relieve stress, Gentle Souls?

We’re part of a distracted society encouraged to do more, see more, hear more, and be more all the time. Multitasking between several tasks, while wrangling our daily chores.

Can you relate?

Slotting in time to relax instead of living and enjoying the moment, letting our souls naturally unwind and entwine with the things that truly matter to us.

Certain seasons exacerbate the issue, so much so that we ended up writing about yoga poses that can help you breathe deeper and easier. Because breathing properly – both literally and figuratively – is a game changer when you’re feeling the demands of the outside world pulling you into a million different directions.

Breathing allows you to slow down (even for a moment) and assess things with a more objective eye.

If you’re too tired to get physical but you need to be anchored in the middle of a storm, you can try a breathing exercise that encourage you to get out of your head.

This guided meditation session with Meghan is 10 minutes long, and perfect for a quick break.

Sneaking breathing exercises and meditation into your daily routine is a good way to manage your stress levels, and other factors that may contribute to a general feeling of discomfort. Regular sessions of mindfulness meditation can help reduce a general feeling of anxiety, and help you cope better with stress.

Stress, as common as it is, should not be normalized.

If you’re still feeling a little tense right now, watch this short clip of Meghan sharing her own stressors that centered around the way she pushed herself and carried lots of ‘should’s around on her shoulders. 

Deep talks in Miss Daydream Bra in Rose Moon and Enchanted Leggings in Indigo Moon.

Whether its meditation or yoga, a quick getaway to immerse yourself in nature, or to have an incredible meal without disruption – it’s important to figure out how you can relieve stress. It’s too easy to lose yourself, and to lose track of what’s important when we’re caught up in our own head, and the demands that we put on ourselves.

Take a quiet moment to gently hit the pause button.

This is your time to breathe, and just… be.

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