What do you get for someone who lives and breathes yoga? Not a mat – they probably already have one (unless you know they need an upgrade or replacement). But it’s really not that hard to shop for yoga-adjacent things that would surely set the yogi in your life’s heart all aflutter, and a big smile to grace their face.

Yoga accessories

Vegan yoga bags from SAIA London

We spoke to Kristina Byrne on our #FromWomentoWomen series, and we fell in love with her brand, SAÏA. Cute vegan leather bags that go with any outfit sounds pretty awesome to us. They come in a variety of colors, so head over to the website and see if any of them strikes your fancy!

Visit: https://www.saialondon.com/

Bling it up

Sustainable jewelry by GBKNATURE

Sustainable is the name of the game. We love what it means, what it represents, and the promise that so many people are caring more and more about what happens to the environment. GBKNATURE’s line of sustainable jewelry is chunky-cool and funky, and they tell you exactly what your jewelry is made of.

Visit: https://gypsybk.com/

Versatile yoga clothes

The latest collection of organic activewear from Isabelle Moon

We’re tooting our own horn for this. Toot! We think it’s important to have versatile clothes that serves more than one function – it’s an easy way of making your wardrobe more sustainable. Our comfortable and sustainable yoga clothes can rock with you anytime you need.

Visit: https://isabellemoon.com/

Lush Greens

Meghan Currie practicing yoga in sustainable yoga clothes from Isabelle Moon.

Plants set the mood as much as lighting does, and they’re a great addition to the workout area. Bring nature indoors to you yogi’s life for an instant breath air. Try a Peace Lily which can thrive in fluorescent-only light and is great to keep the air clear of toxins like benzene and formaldehyde.

Course subscriptions and workshops

Meghan Currie Yoga online studioIf you don’t know what the yogi in your life needs in terms of stuff, why not get them an online subscription to a course?

Peek at who they follow on Instagram for inspirations, or you can trust us and head over to Meghan’s studio to see what courses she has up. Our community also has some amazing things going on – have a look through our #FromWomentoWomen series and get to know the people behind the workshops on offer.

Visit: https://studio.meghancurrieyoga.com/

Is our gift guide getting you excited over your gifting activities this year? Let us know if you have great ideas that you think our community should hear too!

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