Mother's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your love and appreciation for the special woman in your life than with thoughtful and dreamy gifts that will make her heart sing. Whether she's a seasoned yogi or just starting her journey, these gift ideas could almost certainly make her feel loved and cherished.

Love is a soft and powerful energy that emanates without any expectations or conditions. It gazes beyond flaws and recognizes the innate beauty within every individual. It nourishes and treasures the ones it adores, like a priceless offering from the divine. Love whispers sweet promises and visions of boundless potentials. It is compassionate, considerate, and ever-growing.

Gifts for your friends who are a mom, your sisters who are a mom or even for yourself! 


Crystal Water Bottle

Crystal healing and using crystal water bottles both emerged as a popular trend a couple of years back. This Tumbler is truly unique, and it's a wonderful gift idea for moms who appreciate the mystical allure of crystals.



Aroma Rollers & Natural perfumes

Every OILAND oil perfume and oil has a little story behind. They created perfumes which kept the plants soul and energy, triggering positive emotions, evoking memories. Only natural ingredients and love. 



Versatile Yoga Clothes

There's something truly special about versatile clothes that can serve multiple functions. Not only do they make our lives easier and more convenient, but they also have the power to transform our wardrobes into sustainable havens. Our creations were born from a fierce desire to unleash the sensuality, playfulness, and Whimsicality Inherent In Women. Inspired by the beauty and wonder of nature, each piece is crafted with care and passion, reflecting the unique textures and patterns found in Mama Earth. 



Dreamy Jewelry


Sustainability is a concept that touches the soul. It's about respecting our planet, our resources, and ourselves. We're grateful for the growing awareness and love for our environment, and Ananda Soul's sustainable jewelry line is a reflection of that.



Thoughtful Journal

Simply enchanting - a treasure trove of vibrant colors, delicate florals, and playful characters. With each turn of the page, a new world of imagination and creativity unfolds before you.



As the gift-giving season approaches, we can feel the excitement in the air. Can you sense it too? Our gift guide is designed to inspire and spark joy, and we hope it has done just that for you. smiles It's a wonderful feeling to spread love and warmth through thoughtful gifts. We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions as well down below!


Grateful for you,

Isabelle Moon Team

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