Enchanted Leggings - Plumeria Petal
The beauty is in all those tiny fractures, splinters and gooey bits as you ripple and twist,  fold and unfold. Observing the world with naked eyes, the loving touch of these eco-friendly leggings will effortlessly mimic your every motion. Made...
Miss Daydream Bra - Plumeria Petal
A sensual hug that follows your every movement. A mango smoothie with a spoonful of ginger. Crafted from soft organic bamboo, this daydream is bound to make you want to dance and give you space to flourish in play. Feels: ...
Moonlit Shorts - Plumeria Petal
Energizing like a cup of fresh steeped moonlight makes bodies desire to create poetry in motion fluttering under the eyes of the sky.  Soft organic eco-friendly bamboo moves and breathes with you revealing just as much as you’d like to...
Tangled Kiss Bodysuit - Plumeria Petal
Plumeria is Bali’s signature flower, often used in offerings, religious ceremonies, or decorations. Plumeria flowers represent a new beginning. Symbolizing natural beauty, charm and grace, this flower inspired us to create this special shade of pink natural dye. The elegant leaf pattern...
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